AI existential safety

I was a beginner independent AI alignment researcher. In 2020 I gave up. See I'm leaving AI alignment – you better stay. See also the Results.

Apparently, I wasn't done completely, so in the end of 2020/beginning of 2021 I coordinated the application process for AI Safety Camp No. 5. It's a bad idea for me to do things on the side. I won't do it anymore. But the camp is over now and you can read about the results if you follow the preceding link.


My first home page was Of enduring popularity are my chemistry lab protocols from 2010/11, particularly the one on synthesizing Mohr's salt. Diligent students from around the world plagiarizelearn from it.

I wrote a few recipes and pieces of advice on

Of the articles I published on LessWrong, I especially recommend A cognitive intervention for wrist pain. For the full list, see

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