I'm working as a software developer for Spark Wave on GuidedTrack. We use CoffeeScript/Ruby on Rails/PostgreSQL, which is not my favourite stack, but it gets the job done. When I have the choice, I use ClojureScript/Clojure/Datomic. (Of course, the choice of database depends more strongly on the problem than the choice of language.)

I'm planning my trip home to Germany in June/July. I'll also visit Bulgaria for a few days.

I've migrated my old websites, https://efficientplantbasedcooking.com and https://cloj.de, from WordPress to Cryogen/GitHub Pages. WordPress's $50/year is a little steep for sites on which nothing happens.

I've finished reading Idea Flow by Janelle Arty Starr. It's badly structured, but the ideas are very useful. If

  • you're working on a software project,
  • and you've read Goldratt and Cox's The Goal (Wikipedia: The Goal),
  • and the bottleneck is in development,
  • and you want to find out where in development it is,

Idea Flow is the book for you. (I originally found the recommendation in PurelyFunctional.tv Newsletter 463: What is beautiful code?.)

My location is Kagoshima, Japan.

Last update: 2022-04-23

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