I'm working as a software developer for Spark Wave on GuidedTrack. We use CoffeeScript/Ruby on Rails/PostgreSQL, which is not my favourite stack, but it gets the job done. When I have the choice, I use ClojureScript/Clojure/Datomic.

I'm done with the book club for Sussman and Hanson's Software Design for Flexibility. That means I will resume adding to this site. Now I'm reading Grokking Simplicity by Eric Normand.

Well, I'm not completely done with the book club. I'm still working on a Clojure program for tidying up my personal wiki. This is a project I started to practice applying some of the ideas from the book.

I've switched to a new home page, the one you're looking at now. I've imported almost all the content from the old home page.

I make many small edits to many pages, which is tedious on WordPress. Sorry, WordPress. Vim and the static site generator Cryogen (written in Clojure!) are the way for me to go.

My location is Kagoshima, Japan.

Last update: 2021-07-23

This is a now page. I suggest you make one, too!