Why little pluses? Because this applies to daily life, too:

Making Progress and Improving a Military Organization

It is the aim of everyone who is privileged to command a company, battalion, brigade, or division to leave it in much better shape than he found it and to be sure his superiors recognize that fact.

The “Little Pluses” Method

How is the best way to accomplish this objective? I have seen it tried in more ways than one, but the most effective way is to improve gradually every facet of the organization over a period of time by what I call a system of “little pluses.” By that I mean making positive improvements starting in one or more fields which are each not extensive or radical enough to upset the functioning of the unit team or to cause an undue amount of turbulence. If this is done, over a period of a few weeks or months, the net result will be a great step forward, a substantial “tightening up“ of the organization, a constant feeling of accomplishment in the whole unit, and the violent swings of the pendulum will be avoided. These latter come from too large or radical steps and are disruptions of the smooth working of the organization.

The “little pluses” method also, if spread over all the activities of the organization, will enable a commander to make his unit excellent or better in all things and as a result will enable it to attain the accepted status of a superior unit.

The “little pluses” method may not provide the basis of unit paper or Stars and Stripes headlines or feature stories, but it will soon be recognized by your next higher commander and your unit will gain the general reputation of being a “solid“ outfit. Your efficiency report will make good reading to you and to the members of promotion boards.

– Gen. Bruce C. Clarke: Guidelines for the Leader and the Commander. Stackpole Books, 1963 (reprint 2021)