Useful and composable: Get better at programming

April 23, 2022

See Get better at programming.

Useful and composable: I'm leaving AI alignment – you better stay

January 23, 2022

See I'm leaving AI alignment – you better stay.

Useful and composable: Three columns of code

December 31, 2021

See Three columns of code.

Useful and composable: Disable the GitHub notification dot

November 21, 2021

See Disable the GitHub notification dot.

Useful and composable: Per-issue directories

October 22, 2021

See Per-issue directories.

Useful and composable: Code self-review

August 27, 2021

See Code self-review.

Debugging patterns: Write to Chip Salzenberg

August 6, 2021

See Write to Chip Salzenberg.

Update Git branch naming scheme

July 16, 2021

Recommend a more useful prefix. See Git branch naming scheme.

Debugging patterns: Use all the help available

March 19, 2021

See Use all the help available.

Useful and composable: Git – Prevent yourself from pushing to master

March 5, 2021

See Git: Prevent yourself from pushing to master.