The GitHub bell icon with a blue dot reacts to the GitHub bell icon without a plue dot plus relief


You're on GitHub. You see a blue dot on the little bell symbol in the top right corner. (Symbol, position and colour might vary over time and space.) You click on it and see, yay!, new issues, releases, pull request comments. All awesome stuff to distract you from your pesky current task, break you out of flow and make you handle supposedly pressing matters right away. (You might not even handle them. You might be curious what's going on, take a look, decide to handle them later and keep thinking about them while trying to return to where you were.)

You wish there was no blue dot to tempt you.

(If you can effortlessly ignore the blue dot on the bell, you don't need the following. If you get notified whenever an email arrives in your inbox, you better squash that first. See Manager Tools: Email Three Times A Day.)


Use AdblockPlus to block the DOM element behind the blue dot.

Other content blockers work, too. For example, Ben Kuhn: Tools for keeping focused recommends uBlock Origin. Ben's site is where I got the general idea from. Here I'm applying it specifically to GitHub.